Atlanta Web Design

The ideal website is a perfect combination of beauty and functionality.  Before beginning a web design project, we take the time to consult with our clients in order to discover exactly what they envision their website to accomplish and how they want to communicate to those that visit it.

Our design team strengths include their creativity, flexibility, and knowledge of how to best integrate an attractive site design with other marketing strategies, such as eCommerce development.  Plus, their continued practice in constructing commercially optimized sites ensures that your quality site will be delivered quickly, with the greatest attention given to the smallest detail.


Our Web Design Services result in:

  • An instant and intimate connection with your clientele and market.
  • A platform that is scalable and that grows with your business.
  • An integration of your business objectives and operations into your website.

Once we build your website, Grossi Web can help with the process of driving quality, targeted traffic to your site, particularly using paid search, social media channels, and search engine optimization.

Components of Web Design:

The overall structure and layout of the site. This includes the manner in which the content is organized on each page and how the individual pages are connected to each other. We strive for visually appealing formats that are also easy to understand, so the visitor can move within the site with ease.

Site Navigation
Includes the types of menus used to move from one area of the site to another, functions such as search boxes and site maps, and well-placed links that draw people to areas of the site you want them to notice.

User Interface Design
Refers to the manner in which visitors interact with the site. All our sites are “user-friendly” and well-formatted to ensure a clear presentation of your organization’s message. Also included is interactive media such as Flash design, which is a dynamic and eye-catching way to improve a site’s visual appeal.
Because Flash text cannot be picked up by search engines, all we build sites HTML language with Flash accents on top. Therefore, your targeted keyword text within the entertaining Flash features can be picked up by search engines.