The Organ of Sight

While watching my colleague work on a project for a client from beginning to end I had a chance to witness something beautiful. Something that normally I would have  conceptualized as mediocre he in turn had given distinguishing characteristics  and integrated them into a single visual unit that I could sense. Much like as stated in [“Art and Cognition,” RM, Pb 47.] Micah our graphic designer brings time and time again the conceptual method of functioning to this operation of a single sense organ, this being sight.

The visual arts produce concrete entities that seem perceptually available to in turn make them to convey an essence of abstractness with conceptual meaning. By means of selectivity the arts leads mans sight to the conceptual context intended by the artist. We then learn to find deeper meaning in this field of vision. We all experience something common for example when in observation of a particular painting. An easy example one being of apples.  A still life of apples can make them seem more real than in reality. They are depicted more real than in just a photograph by the brightness in color and textured. A heightened reality neither a photograph or models could come close too. That’s what Grossi Web creates. Yet if one examines closely what has the artist done being that no real apple ever looked that way to begin with? He has created visual abstraction.

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